Local Community News

Community Impact Newspaper is vested in the communities we serve and has dedicated reporters in each community who attend city council and school board meetings. Community Impact Newspaper is among the first to report on local business, transportation, education and health care. Community Impact Newspaper staff serve on chamber boards, volunteer with nonprofits and are involved in our communities to make them a better place to live and work.

The Austin Monitor is the only nonpartisan local daily news source that exclusively covers the important issues and key decisions at the intersection between the local government and the community. For over eight years, our non-profit digital publication has produced focused reporting that shines a light on critical decision-making entities and brings readers deep inside the stories that are shaping our city. In Austin and across the county the current information landscape is also rapidly changing and leaving more and more people divided from their neighbors and the decisions and issues that affect our community. Though we are more connected than ever, the future prosperity of our community largely comes down to the quality of news and information we use to make shared decisions today. The Austin Monitor's mission is to strengthen our shared information space and democracy with you.

The TOWERS media network writes for an audience passionate about city life, real estate, and urbanist culture. Since 2007, TOWERS Austin has published commentary and news updates on the real estate market, architecture, new development, and local urban issues.