Are you unfamiliar with the West Campus neighborhood in Austin, TX?

Kevin Quist, a civil engineering graduate from UT Austin and resident of  West Campus from 2016-2019, produced an informative short documentary on the West Campus neighborhood down below.

So, what is the West Campus Neighborhood Association?

This isn’t your parent’s HOA or neighborhood watch. The West Campus Neighborhood Association (WCNA) was built for residents of West Campus to help advocate for our interests, address issues within the neighborhood, and provide residents with the tools that make living in Wampus a little bit better. Joining WCNA is a great way to get plugged into city issues, meet your neighbors, and be an agent of change.

Hence why the WCNA slogan is:
“”Achieving unity through community & ensuring issues get resolved by getting involved.”

The West Campus Neighborhood Association primarily represents the interests of renters, university students and young adults in the neighborhood. The main goal of the WCNA is to streamline community representation, increase municipal involvement among West Campus residents and serve as a useful resource for current and future residents of the neighborhood.

About Us

We’re a new kind of neighborhood association designed for the young, active residents of our neighborhood. As an association, we want to facilitate friendly conversations about the things that impact us as neighbors and reduce the barriers we have in getting involved in how we’re represented as residents of Austin.

Our informal meetings are all about meeting neighbors and sharing ideas. We’ll grab coffee or a slice of pizza and share our concerns about the place we call home. Everyone is welcome to join.

Formal meetings for votes and agenda-setting will be determined by the West Campus Neighborhood Council and announced to members in the Slack and posted on our Events page, as well as Facebook.