Hello, World!

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

I’d like to be the first to introduce us, the West Campus Neighborhood Association. It started as a crazy little idea I had when I was thinking of the kind of representation we had in City Hall. Who best to count on to represent our interests than ourselves?

West Campus is a very unique neighborhood of Austin, with a dynamic and fast-paced population. Most of us are young adults, students, and renters, but the faces and interests of West Campus are diverse and always changing. My goal in creating this neighborhood association was to create something that would be as respected as other associations when we advocate for our neighborhood in City Council but was flexible enough to work with our lifestyles.

It’s been an interesting process of trying to assemble a passionate group of folks that care a lot about where we live and want to advocate for the improvements we’ve dreamed of since move in. We’re so excited to get this started and I hope you’re excited to join us! As we start to get all of the pieces in order, feel free to email us or message us on Facebook if you’re looking to get involved.

-Allie Runas, Founder and Chair